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Vienna & Budapest - April 2007

The experience in Vienna in 2004 was a really good one, thanks in no small part to the excellent accommodation chosen. The time had come for a return trip to the capital of the Austrian empire, this time with the intention of combining it with a visit to the Hungarian capital as well - Budapest. Travelling gear wise, there was also one new item worth mentioning in particular - a digital SLR which will from now on mostly replace my sort-of-old compact camera. But what good is a digital SLR if you can`t exploit its full potential? Hence, the investment in a tripod was also made. Lightweight and telescopic, it was still somewhat bulky to pack, but there`s a price to be paid to upgrade photography equipment in addition to the cost of the items - carrying it around - and the SLR itself in its carrying bag was a lot more bulky than my compact camera. We will see if it is worth it in due time...

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