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 Photo: Budapest
( Image gallery: Budapest, Hungary)


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Author: Meeli Tamm
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noris szakacs   12.02.2011
absolutely amazing...I am romanian but my fayher is hungarian and I speak hungarian pretty well but the writting it`s difficult to me ...
I`d like to visit hungary...specially budapest...

John wall   03.02.2011
This is like old russia! i love it!

Claudia   17.05.2009
WOW O_O i am gonna start packing my things to move to Budapest ;)

BBoyd   02.01.2007
Where is the famous lifesize puppet show held?

Victoria   21.11.2006
Cecilia.. do you also speak Hungarian? I`m Hungarian myself, but I live in crappy British Columbia :D

Dalilah   29.06.2006
Very beautifull picture...very beautiful picture

Cecília   25.05.2006
Natasha, i live here and i can tell you Bp. is really nice. Just come and you will make sure!

Natasha   09.05.2006
Perhaps I`ll come to Budapest,
it really looks nice (I hope that`s not
just in the photo....)


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