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 Photo: Kalamaki - Laganas Beach
( Image gallery: Kalamaki - Laganas Beach, Greece)


Kalamaki - Laganas Beach
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Kalamaki - Laganas Beach
Author: Sebastian V.
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Sebastian V.   25.09.2008
This particular beach is the largest nesting site for Loggerhead Sea Turtle in the Mediteranean Sea, one of the few giant species of sea turtle. Unfortunately, it`s an endangered species therefore a special protection program has been developed by the Greek Government. That`s why, on the Kalamaki - Laganas Beach the policy is "the beach belongs to humans from dawn to dusk and to turtles from dusk to dawn", meaning that the access to the beach during the night is restricted until sunrise. There is an exception of 30 minutes from 7 to 7:30 a.m., as seen in this photo, when, if you are lucky, you might see late baby sea turtles just out of the nest, heading to the water.


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