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 Photo: Zakynthos
( Image gallery: Zakynthos - Navaggio, Greece)


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Zakynthos - Navaggio
Author: Sebastian V.
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Sebastian V.   01.10.2008
"Navaggio" is the most amazing place in the island of Zakynthos and, for me, the most amazing place I`ve ever been to. The colour of the water is almost...alien and it`s the combination of the ink-blue of the Mediteranean and the the yellow of the chalk in the rocks above, that`s why there is a clear line between the turquoise of the "Navaggio" and the dark blue of the sea. The story of the shipwreck on the beach is not that old, dates from the 1970`s, and it`s about a ship of Turk smugglers who were attacked by the Greek Coast Guard. The crue abandoned the ship and the storms in the next months throwed the ship were it lies now. An interesting detail of this place is that one can get there only by boat and by swimming a few meters to the beach. So if you`ll go to Zakynthos, visit this place, it`s worth it!


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