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 Photo: west facade of Siena Duomo
( Image gallery: Siena, Italy)


west  facade of Siena Duomo
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Italy (Tuscany)
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Ludo   31.01.2009
Wonderful, thanks!

Setenay Szer   31.01.2009
View from west facade of Siena Duomo;
The impressive details of the Siena Duomo facades are an exciting blend of Gothic and Italian Romanesque styles which took many years to complete.
The facades were built in many different stages and the architecture is amazing as the beauty of this cathedral adorns the city of Siena. The lower part of the ornate facade dates from 1285-97 under Giovanni Pisano. The upper part was completed after 1376, inspired by the design of Orvieto Cathedral`s facade. Duomo, Siena, Italy Many tourists find this historic building to be one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the city.
Facade of the Siena Duomo (Cathedral) and its campanile in the historic old town district in the City of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Province of Siena, Region of Tuscany, Italy, Europe.


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