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 Photo: Commagene kings
( Image gallery: Adiyaman-Nemrut Mountain, Turkey)


Commagene kings
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Adiyaman-Nemrut Mountain
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Setenay Szer   04.02.2009
Nemrut Dagi (Mt. Nemrut) is the first impressive peak rising from a flat plain in Northern Mesopotamia and stretches to a height of 2150 metres. It is matchless in its historical treasures. The original peak was removed and in its place was constructed the Tumulus of Antiochos 1, one of the kings of Commagene when it was at its height of power and art expression during the 1st century B.C. This interesting structure was made by heaping up pieces of rocks to make the 50 m x 150 m mound
The east and west terraces of this mound are open-air temples. On these terraces are statues of lions, eagles, five gigantic god statues, four male and one female. Dexiosis type reliefs are in a good state of preservation. On the western terrace the heads of these statues have been toppled but are in good condition.


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