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 Photo: Amasra
( Image gallery: Amasra, Turkey)


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Turkey (Bartin)
Author: Setenay Suzer
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Setenay Szer   09.02.2009
Amasra is a historical seaport built on a peninsula. For centuries there have been two bays and two islands that have welcomed mariners from across the seas. And five hills, each more beautiful than the last. Looking down from Boztepe (or Sandy Hill) is one of the most spectacular scenes ever to be seen. The night-lights and the evening shadows are a subtle invitation to follow the road from the center of town over the historical bridge. One of the most beautiful towns on the Black Sea coast, was called Sesamos in ancient times, when it was founded by the Miletians in the sixth century B.C. it stands on a peninsula split by two inlets. The eastern side enjoys a reputation for good swimming. On the rocky promontry rise the ramparts of the Byzantine citadel, inside of which is an old church, now the Fatih Mosque. The necropolis dates from the Roman period. Remnants from Amasra?s entire history are displayed in the Archaeology Museum.

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