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 Photo: Igls
( Image gallery: Igls, Austria)


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Author: A.Istomin
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Iran   30.11.2011
Incredibly beautiful

Mauro Italy   20.01.2011
Foto veramente fantastica !

coma   20.03.2010
at last, i find it, where my lovely desktop picture comes from. 2010.03.20

Toko Argentina   19.02.2010
QWue lugar hermoso, me hace acordar a Punta Lara.

Tanya   05.09.2009
The embracing clouds subtly suggest a glimpse into heaven....

Laci   11.09.2008
Which hotel is this?

M SINAEI -IRAN   15.01.2008

Carlota Rivadavia (Mxico)   08.12.2007
I really dont have words to explain how much I love this lovely and divine picture, I cant belive I lived 8 years in Austria and I werent able to watch this wonder Im relly impresed, Congratulations A. Istomin

bekhaled   24.11.2007
it fell like a dream

mborowc   31.05.2007
super tapeta.

akshay bhat   31.05.2007
i fee like walking on the grass and sleeping on it and just stairing at mountains kind of peace the picture give

nick(perth,australia)   05.03.2007

Marina   06.02.2007
Это настолько прекрасно, что нет слов... Даже не верится, что это место существует на самом деле... Как бы я хотела это увидеть!

Gilles FRANCE   27.01.2007
A very beautiful picture

enz. cat   15.01.2007
escalofriantemente bellssima! este verano que voy a Tyrol, no dudar en pasar.

ruby   25.11.2006

Reza   25.10.2006
What can I say about this beutiful pic?
Very ........ NICE!!!!

Sara   28.07.2006
que linda....

Kurt Belgium   06.07.2006
I visited Igls three years ago.I saw this castle.It`s
named schlosshotel igls.It`s beautiful

Dalilah   29.06.2006
A.Istormin...Agrego todo cuanto los demas han mencionado al respecto de esta hermosa fotografia...real mente uno no se imagina que existan lugares tan hermosos como lo es este que parece una pintura...un fantastica..muy bella muchas gracias por

Silvio-Brasil   10.06.2006
Nosso mundo é marivilhoso mesmo!!!

Carlo   07.06.2006
Questa foto è un capolavoro assoluto! Bravo!

Reanne,Trinidad   30.05.2006
What divine beauty!

Peter   25.05.2006
Das Foto ist super gelungen!

edarta 23.05.2006   23.05.2006
it is really a beuatifull place !!!!!!!!!!1

Pietro   05.05.2006
Indeed a wonderful place worth living, splendid photo!

Manoj Thomas INDIA   26.04.2006
I am in complete agreement with AOrus (alexis) Mexico......

Spain   18.04.2006
Una foto maravillosa. Gracias!

marcosjober - Brasil   09.04.2006
Uma fusão perfeita entre a obra de Deus e a do Homem.

Jesús Ramirez - Venezuela.   01.04.2006
Espectacular !!! Un paisaje muy especial y pintoresco.

Arash,Iran   16.03.2006

Julieta MEXICO   10.03.2006

AOrus (alexis) Mexico   22.02.2006
I don t have words to say how much I love what God give us in this planet and only few people can see this present.

Daria   16.02.2006
so peacefull....

Carla   26.01.2006
Este lugar é privilegiado pela beleza!


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