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 Photo: Lithuania
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Author: lithuanian
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Unknown   06.02.2010
So fasinating that they created this icon through crosses , considering they were pagans in the early days.

Jeff   22.09.2007
There are Lithuanian brothers in the US that are showing the pride!!!!
Keep the faith and the pride!!!

Justinas   06.09.2007
That is not grave yard! That is hill of crosses! That hill represent a Lithuanian hope of good!

ievuliux   04.07.2007
i think its called the hill of crosses

bomb digity   22.06.2007
who is that random guy

MAS GNUOY   22.06.2007
so sad but sweeet

cooperSY   22.06.2007
what is that pic its sweet even if it is a grave yard i think!!??

guppy   04.05.2007
this is a great photo but i dont know what it is

mateusz   02.05.2007
respect for Lithuanians !

Ramyras   05.11.2006
i was there with my class back when i was about 9 years was quite something else.

Narko   20.08.2006
Argh.. very obscure and sad

allease alexander riggins   15.05.2006
i am 10 years old.lithuania is so pretty,these photo is great.keep up the great work.


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