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 Photo: Dresden
( Image gallery: Dresden, Germany)


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Author: Trey Ratcliff
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Sophie   12.12.2010
falco, do you give this level of angst to every event in history where human nature has been shown to fail us? (if you do, fair enough)
How many countless thousands have been slaughtered.. brutally slaughtered, by sword, by mace, by gunpowder... in the end, all by human, all by men.
It pains me when people rant about the first and second world wars as if they are the fault and focus of our current daily lives. The truth is, they happened in a life time that very few individuals can actually remember first hand. The seriousness of them will continue throughout our history and is forever now a part of our consciousness, but harbouring malice and hatred towards the events, places and nations of those times makes no more true sense than doing so with such bloody wars as those of the Roman Empire.
The rebuilding of The Womens Church in Dresden was for many if not most a rejoicing and much awaited event. It symbolised a rebirth but also a rememberance, it is not and should never be, a place of anger or of bitterness(even though that may be felt in hearts of some who may visit)
Please, if you are going to show your true feelings, also take into account those of the readers, for you have no awareness of their personal comprehension, response and ultimate relation to that which you have laid comment to.
Sorry, i know this is long, but i feel that just once, someone should write something of this view point, as so many post the contradiction it may seem the only natural opinion.

Falco   10.08.2010
Oh, yes. Very good building. very nice.
Anyone can put one stone atop another till it looks nice.
When you look at this building do you see the hundreds of thousands of people - innocent people - children, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, boys, girls, who were slautered by the U.S. and English military when this building was distroyed.? NO, you see a beautiful building.
When you are done, paint it pink or green. Whatever. Do what ever you want. I will still see the charred bodies and smell the stench of DEATH. I will still hear the cries of the dying, the screams, the agony.
When you are done rebuilding Dresden what of all the innocent who died for nothing?
They are still dead and those who gave the orders to do this HORRIBLE CRIME are still ALIVE AND FREE. If they died of old age, the machine that made it possible is still doing the same thing today.
Is all fair in love and war? Are there no such things as "WAR CRIMES"?

brodyaga   11.04.2010
Yes, mistake.
It is Dresden of course.

Alexandra   11.04.2010
Sorry, but it`s definitely not Leipzig. It`s the Frauenkirche Church in Dresden.


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