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 Photo: Vilnius
( Image gallery: Vilnius, Lithuania)


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Author: Peter Glass
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kaskas   13.03.2013
Vilnius yra Wilno

Igoris,Reading UK   11.10.2007
Vilnius,Heart of The Baltics! :) Simply The Best in The World!:)

Mahmood   14.07.2007
i been there its beautiful city...:)

abd el hak   12.07.2007
i have my friend from lithuania.....i like KAUNAS.......good luck lithuania!

abd el hak from algeria!   12.07.2007
luthiania very very nice country!

Kaunas tai degaline tarp vilniaus ir klaipedos.   24.01.2007
Kaunas tai degaline tarp vilniaus ir klaipedos.

Pelys   27.06.2006
Mano svajonė,ten gyventi:)

Pauka   04.06.2006
graziausia sostine visam pasaulyje... bet kaunas yra kaunas!!!

Peter   31.05.2006
Very nice city :)

Daiva   18.03.2006
Kiek geru akimirku praleista sioje aiksteje :)


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