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Austria (Salzburg)


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Author:   Thomas Heilmeier

Photo license:   All rights reserved

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Ramesh Keswani India   06.08.2010

Heavenly, and Hats off to the Photographer.

Tanya   01.09.2009
An interesting display of hues of dark and light...natural, man-made, reflective...a glimpse into the human soul...

Alexander Dunaev   11.03.2007

Yong hoon Lee   12.01.2007
I was there. 1st Jan.
really loverly photo..

nelson silvestre   13.06.2006
amazing..........wish i could be there..

nelson silvestre   13.06.2006
amazing..........wish i could be there..

Sabelo Mthembu   12.05.2006
I`ll be there in December 2006. Can`t wait. Very beautiful.

POOCH   08.04.2006
oh! SOOOOOOO beautiful!!! lovely photo too.

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