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 Photo: Grodno (Гродно)
( Image gallery: Grodno, Belarus)


Grodno (Гродно)
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Belarus (Grodno)
Author: Olga P.Contact
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syed   03.02.2013
ochen kracivi gorad pomniyu vermya kak da ya bila etat vermya ne mozno zabivt nikakda

misha   21.09.2007
ya yexal v 1990 i bydy vsegda pomnit moi gorod...
eto i est rodina.

natasha   21.09.2007
nichego tam ne klassna one ynechtogely mau pomet ot moeva gorada ei doma i hochy ybite cheloveka kto sdelal ato s moim gorradom

Yulia   11.06.2007
Blin, a zachem derevia srybili????

Lena   23.04.2007
Yes. It is looks very empty now after they took away this park (place of all alcoholics in the city). However, now you can see more panoramic view of the Grodno.This is my city and I miss it alot. I haven`t been there for over 7 years.

Peter   28.12.2006
I like large squares, I wish there were more of them here in the netherlands. Obviously, more trees and parks is needed!

Tatjana   12.12.2006
I feel sorry for this town. It is horrable looking now. I realy loved this place with a trees.

igor   12.12.2006
i think its complit bullshit old sovetskaja was much nicer and greener i know what i am saying i am from grodno

Lena Mirenko   05.12.2006
daaaa! kak kryta teper tam!! atrestavrirovali vse!!!!
oche kryta!
dashe ne veritsa chto eto grodno!!!!!!!!!

privet   05.12.2006
i miss belaru!!!!!!so bad
i`m from belarus too!!!!!!!!

denis   27.11.2006
super daze ne veretsa cto eto Belarus


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