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 Photo: Tirana
( Image gallery: Tirana, Albania)


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Albania (Tirane)
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The Albanian :)   07.04.2012
Calm down guys and don`t offend this city or blame it. This is a photo of 2005 , and , believe me , Tirana has changed a lot since that year..:)
For tourists who want to have some nice holidays in Albania , I don`t recommend Tirana , even though it`s quite a nice place. I would recommend you to visit Saranda , Vlora , Himare , Gjirokaster , Pogradec etc... There are a lot of nice cultural attractions in Albania..! :)

Mai   07.03.2012
Hi, we are some tourists from Norway who would like to find a beautiful place for our vacations in Albania. Do any of you Albanians know where the best place for our vacations would be?

Noris   18.01.2012
I can see yo`re arguing if it`s an ugly city orn not...I don`t think it`s an ugly city...I really find it interesting , but tell me just one thing:Is it safe to spend a holiday in Tirana?

Serbian Man   14.12.2011
love kosova (Volim Kosovo i Metohiju), I`m glad you agree that Belgrade is the most beautiful city in this part of Europe with nice people. Tirana is just a village, same as Prishtina, very famous serbian city. But, to be honest, I like Prishtina, Djakovica, Prizren (capitol of medieval Srbija, in time when albanians were just one small tribe), Trepcha, Gnjilane etc.

And about serbs and that we don`t speak normaly, we know to speak with words, you know to speak only by guns (I`m not speaking about Albaninas from Albania - they`re good people, but Albaninas from Kosovo - Schiptari - you`re nothing but terorists and criminals - drug dealers).

love kosova   11.12.2011
Serbian man, Kosovo is Serbia, Serbs can not speak normally. they insult and i m so sorry but this is not new york but his so beautifull the contry are poor but the people is good

Serbian man   26.08.2011
I think Belgrade is much pritier then Tirana

Kosovo is Serbia   26.08.2011
The ugliest city in the world (I mean architectural). Girls are hot.

kosovo is Serbia   26.08.2011
Ugly city, Kosovo is Serbia

Heinz   20.03.2011
OMG, i would never said that something like this is in Europe, it looks like India, or poor parts of Mexico.

BAJRIE   23.09.2010
Ilike this foto.................. but the most beutiful is skrapari

albana   13.02.2010
mua me pelqen ne shqiperia shum
se kam marre malli gjushja gjushi kusheri edhe kusherira teze daja halla dhe xhaja shume pergjithmone

Mikel   10.04.2009
Very ugly city....look at that poor architecture and that ugly colors in city centre....

lodi   06.12.2007
nice, i love it....the city growing rapidely!!!

Sergey from St/Petrsburg   26.07.2007
We don"t need such kind of metropoles and inhabitants any more in Europe even on her outskitrs!

jajaaa   17.07.2007
...bukur gratacelat...:))

ahalonha   04.06.2007
жуть какая-то!

ALBANETZ   31.05.2007
daym i cant wait this summer to go to this perfect place of albania

shultz   03.03.2007
turkish albania - the biggest misunderstanding of Europe

Edi H   02.03.2007
I love Tirana in spite of its problems.

Thomas   03.02.2007
Nossa que bosta de lugar feio e sujo deus me livre ir para l.

In English, so ugly city!!!

kejd-tr   30.11.2006
nuk do ta shikoj me kurre nje foto nga lart....
tirana vetemnaten ja vlen!

Георгий   07.11.2006
>in closer future it will be like a european metropol

Сказочник :-) Скорее это место так и останется мусульманской дырой Европы.

Gazi-KOSOVA   07.11.2006
in closer future it will be like a european metropol
tirana it so big city

eldar.hysi   26.09.2006
bobo sa fucia

bojka   06.09.2006
kio po qe eshte qje e bukur


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