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 Photo: Macedonia
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Author: ExpatTony
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kamaljit verma / INDIA   31.07.2012
that is the Emegine of my Mind

atalevi   24.05.2012

Tajge   12.09.2009
This is not skopje
This is Shirok Sokak, Bitola

MARIA   12.03.2009
The real name is Skopje .......

GREECE   18.04.2008

Goran   14.12.2007
Po pozivnom broju Moncafe picerije (04) moze se videti da nije Skoplje (01)
According to phone number on Moncafe pizza (04) we can see it is not Skopje (01)

Genta   14.09.2007
This picture is definetly not of Shkup. I was there last summer and i did not see this area. HA only a Shkupjane can spot this.. I rep all my ALBOSSSS (NEW YORK CITY)

Jasin   04.08.2007
ky nuk asht shkupi
qarshija e shkupit asht ma e mir

tic   30.07.2007
ova ne e skopje o denes ova e skopje od 2001 denes skopje e po uba vo2007

qika makedonia   19.07.2007
nuk ensht skupit une e di e une jem pi shkupit

Kerka na Makedonia   09.07.2007
Ovo ne e Skopje! I`ve got better pictures than this from the village!

Sreten   28.06.2007
Dear Arkadiy,

This is not a picture of Skopje. I`m perfectly sure. I think that who posted it, should give you a explanation. All the best.

skopje girl   20.06.2007
ovo neje skopje

eLLa   12.06.2007
skopje is horroble

xhemiiiiiiii   08.06.2007
hiiiiiiii shkupi is very beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllll cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

saaf   08.06.2007
this is not Skopje
ova ne e Skopje

TsaMo   28.05.2007

Nikola   17.05.2007
Oh my god! This is not Skopje. It is Ohrid!!!

Gazi   23.02.2007

shkupi is a beautiful city

LOko   03.02.2007
Da hora a cidade e muito bem tirada essa foto.

BALKAN_WOMAN   11.12.2006
hubava snimka!samo jamijata mi idva v pove4ko!!!

Himanshu   20.09.2006
ooo man really good photo


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