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 Photo: Omonia Square
( Image gallery: Athens, Greece)


Omonia Square
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Author: Srdan Zoroja
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Arhangel   07.12.2017
Athens is a mix of culture, of old and is complex, that is why no many like Athens...they can not understand the humanity of a city

George   27.07.2016
When this photo was taken?

Noris   30.01.2012
How can you say Athens sucks?
Why is it necessary to say words like that.
Maria : let it go! probably is a jealous person who don`t know anything about other countries.
Every country deserve to be respected.

maria   13.03.2009
your country sucks more...........

boy...from turkey   19.07.2007
this city suks.....

Srdjan   24.10.2006
I typed Athenes instead Athens. I`m hoping that administrator will fix that problem.


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