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 Photo: Patras Bridge
( Image gallery: Patras, Greece)


Patras Bridge
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Author: Srdan Zoroja
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andrew   30.11.2011
what is the name of it

daniele   10.08.2010

Just sailed under the bridge, stunning experience, even better than the Corinth Canal, great to know the date. Thank you

stamatis   08.06.2010
the length of the bridge is 282o

goran   28.04.2009
Most je stvarno grandiozan,ostao sam bez reci kada sam to video,neverovatno,ujedno,ogroman projekat!
Patra je super,veliki je grad i mogu se naci plaze koje nisu komercijalne i gde covek moze sa porodicom da uziva!

Srdjan   27.06.2007
Milose, znamo li se ?

milosh   03.06.2007
hej jesi ti u grckoj?

schumarbk2   15.01.2007
Great bridge!

ardit   30.11.2006
a wonderful masterpiece.

Srdjan   28.10.2006
If you want to know this is the longest bridge in Greece. It connects Pelopones with the rest of the Greece.

Srdjan   28.10.2006
Thank you

Lion   28.10.2006
Great picture!!

Srdjan   23.10.2006
I took this picture while I was at the ferry (probably the same one)

Peter King   23.10.2006
I saw the bridge pillars under construction whilst crossing on the ferry in 2002.
It`s most interesting to see the finished product.

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