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( Image gallery: Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina)


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Author: Stanislas LAPLACEContact
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sngl   02.10.2011
Bosna ne kadar da gzel deil mi?I like Bosna

Mate   04.07.2009
It`s Herzegovina

saido   04.09.2008
what a wonderfull picture I have ever seen.there is nothing in the world but in bosnia

John   22.03.2008
Half of Mostar belongs to Bosnians half to Croatians!
Still pretty city

Dino   15.09.2007
Its not in croatia its in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dusan   03.02.2007
Mostar si city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, my father was born in this city.... I was been on this brige-is amasing!

Zeba   27.12.2006
Here lives a lot of Croats

Suhel   12.12.2006
It was constructed by Sulemain, The Magnificent around 1500

Vrant   07.12.2006
Si, exacti, ni sen or Kroatia, Mostar sen or Bosnia.

Gosia (Poland)   07.12.2006
It`s no Croatia, it`s Bosnia :)

Arif   06.12.2006
Hey Mostar, awesome pic, where exactly in Croatia is this place ?


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