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 Photo: Tallinn
( Image gallery: Tallinn, Estonia)


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цук   18.01.2010
Короче их дрючили на протяжении веков)))))))

Johansson   18.04.2008
tiamarchos WHAT A SHIT.... YOU HAVE SAID........ It`s Estonian City, and this russian otrhodox church is NOT FOR ESTONIANS but for RUSSIAN PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN ESTONIA, because Estonians are LUTHERANS! And there are no important differences between Estonians and Finns.... meybe Estonians have more west coulture and Estonians say about themselves- POSTSIOTALIST SCANDINAVIAN NATION. (Sorry, for leanguage but english is not my native)

Plakboek   11.10.2007
And B.T.W. before the 20th century it was not even called Tallinn at all, before the 20th century it was called Reval!!!

Tardolus   08.08.2007
It`s NOT russian city, it`s estonian city. Remember that.

uktus   26.07.2007
History of Tallinn

1219 Danes take North Estonia. The Danes established their stone castle on Toompea (Tallinn). (127 years)

1346 Danes sell northern Estonia (and Tallinn) to the German Teutonic Order. (215 years)

1561 Swedes conquer Estonia (149 years)

1710 Russia conquers Estonia (208 years)

1918 After the Russian Revolution the Republic of Estonia is proclaimed in the German occupation zone. (22 years)

1940 Estonia was incorporated in the Soviet Union.

1941 German troops occupy Tallinn.

1944 Troops of the Red Army recapture Tallinn. Tallinn is a part of USSR. (47 years)

1991 Estonia is an independent state (After the Russian revolution again)

1) Tallinn was a Danish town 127 years
2) Tallinn was a German town 218 years
3) Tallinn was a Sweden town 149 years
4) Tallinn was a Russian and Soviet town 255 years
5) Tallinn was an Estonian town only 38 years

bubba   26.07.2007
How many more idiots will say its a russian city??? It never was and never will be part of russia. It was once part of the soviet union, but never russia. There is a differnce people. It is a wonderful city called Tallinn. the capital of Estonia.

maq   23.05.2007
this is tallinn, estonia. it was russia. now its not. u see the difference?? ;)

витя   30.12.2006
This is not russia, the city and skyscrapers looks like in usa.

vick   29.12.2006
This is the most beautiful city
(tiamarchos this is not a russian city it is a estonian city)

tiamarchos   29.12.2006
I thout is San Francisco ore Chicago....but is a russian city


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