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 Photo: Ciechocinek
( Image gallery: Ciechocinek, Poland)


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Poland (Kujawsko-Pomorskie)
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Janek   28.02.2007
Look here:

Graduation Towers – an unique and greatest in Europe wooden construction for evaporation of water from brine have been designed by Jakub Graff – the professor on the Mining Academy in Kielce. In Ciechocinek three such edifices – set up in form of a horseshoe have been erected.

The graduation towers are 15,8 m high, their joint length is 1741,5 m. The brine for graduation towers is pumped from spring no 11 (“Grzybek” Fountain) and forced upward to trays installed on top of it. From here the brine trickles dropwise on walls of the graduation tower and evaporates under influence of wind and sunshine intensely. Around graduation towers the famous microclimate ample with iodine making a natural curative inhalatorium arises.

Mieszko   28.02.2007
What`s graduation tower used for?

Janek   26.02.2007
It is a graduation tower - in polish: teznia solankowa.

Ron   26.02.2007
What is it ???


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