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 Photo: Malbork
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Poland (Pomorze)
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Adam   01.04.2007
The town was built around the fortress Ordensburg Marienburg which was founded in 1274 on the east bank of the river Nogat by the Teutonic Knights. Both the castle and the town of Marienburg (Malbork) were named for their patron saint, the Virgin Mary. This fortified castle became the seat of the Teutonic Order and Europe`s largest Gothic fortress. During the Thirteen Years War, the castle of Marienburg was pawned by the Teutonic Order to their imperial soldiers from Bohemia. They sold the castle in 1457 to King Casimir IV of Poland in lieu of their pay. This separated the castle from the city in political terms, as the citizens there did resist Poland.

Under continuous construction for nearly 230 years, Marienburg Castle, or Malbork Castle, is actually three castles nested in one another. A classic example of a medieval fortress, it is the worlds largest brick castle and one of the most impressive of its kind in Europe. The castle was in the process of being restored when World War II broke out. During the war, the castle was over 50% destroyed. Restoration has been ongoing since the war. However, the main cathedral in the castle, fully restored just prior to the war and destroyed during the war, remains in its ruined state. The castle and its museum are listed as UNESCO`s World Heritage Sites.


Ken   01.04.2007
The best castle in the world!

Janek   28.02.2007
Malbork przepiekny o kadej porze roku :)


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