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 Photo: Sopot
( Image gallery: Sopot, Poland)


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Poland (Pomorskie)
Author: Piotr BanasiakContact
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Elena   14.06.2010
Интересно. Так и написано "Кривой домик".

noris   27.04.2010
very nice...i like it

canola   12.06.2009
Its difference.

Agnieszka   15.04.2008
So great!
And I`m passing it by every day :)))

Christoph   14.04.2007
... just amazing.

Martin Weber   30.03.2007
You gotta be drunk to see it straight ;-)

James   28.03.2007
Why didn`t I think of this? I love this design.

Maggie   25.03.2007
That`s funny.

Showoz   23.03.2007
Are floors holizonal ? Of course??.......?

Chris   23.03.2007
That`s genius ! I love it.

vasek   23.03.2007
И туда таджики добрались :-)


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