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 Photo: Tuebingen
( Image gallery: Tuebingen, Germany)


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Germany (Baden-W�rttemburg)
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berni   08.03.2010
this very early morning in the summer of tuebingen has truly a special light and you caught it exactly as it really is. I`m sure not many people living in this town have seen such a transient moment live, because most of them remain dormant at this time and even the ducks aren`t up yet.
without the girl walking along the so called neckarmauer there would be something missing, some seconds earlier or later and the result would have been but a foto of a beautiful location. ...and she seems to take notice what`s happening making eye contact from a distance wondering what drove you out of bed shortly after sunrise while she as an early bird has to go to work:-) that unknown girl is the cherry on the cake animating all. great composition!
your shot gives me such a dreamy impression, I love it!!! exceptionally skillful.
I am wowed.


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