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 Photo: Chernobyl
( Image gallery: Chernobyl, Ukraine)


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Author: Trey Ratcliff
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gertetlergity   08.12.2012

CHERNOBYL   25.10.2012
Chernobyl is truly an amazing site, it shows what were capable of. Its showed us that maybe were going to far without research, i wish i could go to chernobyl. its a dream of mine it would be simply amazing.

ropdrotte   16.09.2012
I`ve been amazed to equipment up that folks could do advertising. You call seeking to entirely carefully street-light upo

Indy   02.08.2011
Is Chernobyl still infected ?

a human being   19.03.2009
It`s the city of Pripyat in fact

Irina   25.08.2008
Frightening... a dead city.

Seba V.   25.11.2007
You can tell from the comments who knows and who who knows not that what happened at Cernobyl is the worst "man-made" thing ever. some should find out what ment to live next to Ukraine in 1986...

asd   19.10.2007
i would like to visit this place :s, this is radioactive and no1 live over here

NO COMMENT   08.10.2007

Man-Hunt Chupacabras   08.10.2007
....where are all the guests?? thisis a disastr

theo-1   08.10.2007
what`s happened here??? :D:D:D


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