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 Photo: Chernobyl
( Image gallery: Chernobyl, Ukraine)


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Author: Trey Ratcliff
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Dominykas   30.11.2011
Don`t people know anything about radioactive decay? The majority of the radiation is gone in a couple of years. Its safe to live there even if there is slightly more radiation. Besides the most radioactive place in the world is somewhere in the UK (forgot exactly where) but the radon in the rocks below the surface realease a lot more radiation than Pripyat.

maria   23.04.2011
I hope, we do not forget what happened here.

Alex   01.04.2008
Didn`t you expose yourself to high levels of radiation while there? Why go there and take the risk?
Nonetheless, they are quite amazing and made me shiver when I saw them.

Justinas   06.09.2007
How thay made this picture?! That place is radioactive!!!


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