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''La Dolce Vita'' of Naples

Author:  Greg Beederman         Date Added: 04.03.2006     Language: English


I arrived in Naples with the airplane because many persons said me Naples`station is dirty but i know in 2008 the station will have a new design. So i took a taxi cab to my hotel:MH HOTEL. The MH was on via chiaia a pretty street in downtown full of beautiful stores. MH HOTEL was the first design hotel in naples:every zone was wonderfull and full of colors(don`t camera isn`t very expensive!).

Next day at 9:00 with my family went to the funicolare centrale(wow it was the funicolare of the song ``funicul? funicol?``)and at last station we arrived on the vomero(a pretty hill with a beautiful castle and certosa di s.martino). There we took the naples`metro:it was futuristic with art in every station. We arrived in dante station in a big square. We went to piazza del ges? and spaccanapoli(very popular streets in naples)with the ges? nuovo,S.Chiara,S.Domenico Maggiore. Spaccanapoli cross via duomo where is located the duomo of naples(fantastic). 

After wolking along via duomo,piazza nicola amore,piazza bovio we arrived in Piazza Municipio:a wonderful square with the porto di napoli and the amazing Castel nuovo. In front of castel nuovo was there a new station of citysighting bus (a good idea to see the wonderful via caracciolo). We arrived in front of teatro s.carlo and galleria umberto I with very expensive stores! So we arrived in our hotel.

In the afternoon we went walking to piazza plebiscito (it was the enourmous and fantastic)at the end of the square we arrived on the magic lungomare of naples.on the lungomare are situated many monuments:fontana dell`immacolatella,castel dell`ovo the villa the wonderful piazza vittoria we turn on via calabbritto and piazza dei martiri(we were in the most glamour and fashion district of naples with fantastic shops). 

From there we went on the left to 2 aristocratic street:via filangieri and via dei mille(full of expensive stores). Arrived in piazza amedeo there is a wonderfull sight of the hills full of castles and aristocratic palaces. Then we took funicolare di chiaia and on the top the funicolare centrale. 

On the night the street are full of young people even along the week. The zone most beautiful and romantic on the night is the lungomare.The first night we went in a big restourant at the end of lungomare:Fratelli la Bufala with delicious italian food. 

The next night we went to the borgo marinaro(the district where is located the castel dell`ovo)at the very romantic restourant:il transatlantico. 

We unfortunantly stayed in naples only 3 days but i`ll can say to my friends Naples changed ``face``(is not true that in naples sure you`ll lost the wallett:as all big town in the world trere is so beautiful districts and even ugly districts). However I forgot to say that in naples in summer you must stay 1week becausa from the naples`harbour you can go fastly to Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento. Then if you want visit Pompei there is in front of the castel nuovo a line of citysighting bus that go to pompei. However i`m sure to come back in this magic town! Come in Naples even you.




Tatui   23.04.2006
Short but beautiful....


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