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( Image gallery: Valiug, Romania)


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Author: Sebastian V.
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MIRELA G.   27.04.2009
Faci un lucru bun Seba le dai oamenilor curaj sa-si viziteze propia tara este minunat iar peisajul din imagine iti ofera o liniste interioara sau mai mult, depinde de fiecare persoana cum se simte in acel moment cand v-a ajunge la aceasta destinatie.

Wilson...   20.02.2009
Conhecer a Roménia seria a realizção de um sonho..., morar na Roménia, seria uma dádiva divina..., nem ouso sonhar.......
É um país lindo..., adorável..., amo demais sua história.., seus costumes.., seu povo.., suas tradições........, e nunca pisei um pé sequer, fora do Brasil........

Sebastian V.   15.12.2008
Yea how did you know ?

ahsan   16.10.2008
beautiful is smaal word for this place

no words to describe

Gene   15.10.2008
Oh, it`s beautiful.

Sebastian V.   15.10.2008
It`s about 150 kilometres from where I live. It`s really one of those "green places" where you can easily forget about work, traffic... If you have the time, there are a lot of great places in Romania to visit. Until now, only few of them can be seen on Brodyaga. Maybe in the future...

Kip Sweeney   14.10.2008
Hey Sebastian,

Is this close to where you live? I would love to go to Romania someday.


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