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 Photo: Geiranger
( Image gallery: Geiranger, Norway)


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Author: S. Tikhomirov
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hannah   16.09.2010
exquisite and beautiful most wonderful heart warming sight ive ever seen

Sutee Dechvijankit   28.08.2009
wonderful fjord most beauty in the world it`s top 3

Nikolaj, Russia   10.01.2008
Last year I`ve been in Norway in Sogne-fjord. It is beautiful too much

GREYFRUT   05.04.2007
congreculations.. DEMET YLDRM... vait so good thinks from you

Demet YILDIRIM, Turkiye, ISTANBUL   04.04.2007
National Geographic, has named the fjords in Norway as the best unspoiled travel destination in the world, and `Seven Wonders of Nature. In a survey of the most popular World Heritage sites, Norway`s western fjords recently emerged as the winner, in competition with other prestigiouss UNESCO sites, such as the Great Wall of China, Galapagos, the pyramids of Egypt, Grand Canyon and Zambia`s Victoria Falls. With our round tours in Fjord Norway, you can experience it all

DAVID DADIANI   26.01.2007

KEKO   26.01.2007

NATATO   03.01.2007
beautifull !!!!!!!!!!

DAVID DADIANI   25.10.2006

zohreh...IRI   24.10.2006
wonderful travel.


Rocco   01.09.2006
I like the boat in the picture. It gives a true sense of scale. I`ve stood where the picture was taken, it is truly amazing.

shoogufa   17.08.2006
sometimes cane the drames ture and this is like a draem it is so beatiful nathing is beatifuler then this place

Pascal   03.08.2006
The picture could have been even nicer without the boat

Giancarlo - Pozzuoli (NA) ITALIA   09.07.2006
Spettacolare, ancora di più per chi c`è stato... Wonderfull !!!

ditmar shullani ALBANIA   05.07.2006
Geiranger is lucky

taiget rivera   24.05.2006
nice¡¡¡ beautifull place

N.Radivojevic   16.05.2006
Zaista prelepo.....

LH USA   30.04.2006
This captures the breath taking view of the fjord wonderfully

Manoj Thomas, INDIA   26.04.2006

mymy   25.02.2006
it`s too biggg!!!whaou!!do you invit me??? great!
You take this view in a supercopter???

holland   11.02.2006
this is a verey buteful

Niraj   06.02.2006
Nothing can be more beatiful than this wonder of nature

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