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 Photo: Grossglockner road
( Image gallery: Grossglockner road, Austria)


Grossglockner road
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Grossglockner road
Austria (Carinthia)
Author: Rich Bell
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Rosa Joand 07/01/2.007 Barcelona (Spain)   07.01.2007
Aquesta fotografia ha quedat molt autntica.
Et felicito pels ulls que tens per veure i crec que tamb gaudiras a l`hora d`aquestes maravelles.

i love beautiful road

Jim St Amand   03.05.2006
My wife and I drove this Alpine highway in the rain and fog since we only had one day to do so. Thank you so much for the spectacular view in the sunshine.

Aurelio   01.05.2006
Landscape quite similar to paso Los Libertadores, between Chile and Argentina, at 3500 mts. high.

aist   14.04.2006
We want to try this road soon!

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