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 Photo: Preikestolen
( Image gallery: Preikestolen, Norway)


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Author: Paul Hallik
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g-man   06.10.2010
ive been there its a cool place

ral   27.06.2009
frumos..chiar foarte...dar ..atat...nici macar n-as calca,,pe portiunea aia de stanca

Emilio   18.05.2009
Excelente lugar para festejar mi dcimo aniversario con Cintya, no estara mal hacer el amor ah en la mer orillita... te vienes y te bajo!

saman   15.02.2008
very beautiful view

Big Salamander   27.01.2008
I would like to pee off the edge.

Leo   23.01.2008
Why people want to look over the edge of a cliff i do not know!

Santhosh R Nadiger   22.01.2008
Very gud spot to play tennis!
ha haaa   06.01.2008
When I think of the place where the photo was taken....something came to my mind...
Paul...are you noots or smtg..???? Nice shot....

Mirtha desde la Argentina   01.01.2008
Lindo lugar para llevar a la suegra,jajaja

Анюта   26.12.2007
Дух захватывает!

some one in england   20.12.2007
I want to take my hang glider up there.

gwen   14.11.2007
reaffirms my fear of heights...but what an awesome view

semih   14.11.2007
ha siktir! yksekmi a.q

IRISH   12.11.2007

Mark   11.11.2007
Amazing spot, but I agree with Susan, and the family of three sitting there. I would never go past that crack. And if I were forced to look over the edge like the guy in the orange jacket, my legs would turn to jelly, and I would die of a heart attack on my way down. In fact, sitting here at my desk just looking at this picture makes my legs feel like jello. :o)

heros   10.11.2007
There is a crack on the rock

?Me?   04.11.2007
there is somebody sitting with their legs dangling over the edge?!?!?!?!?!?

rach   03.11.2007
anyone up for some cliff diving!
that would be absolutely amazing!!

Susan   01.11.2007
You`re not catching me out there past that crack!

Paul Hallik   29.10.2007
Dear Ian Tester.
Sorry, its made by low quality, - 400 photos on 128mb flash card, with olympus camedia camera, just for my own use, for I remember that nice place and holidays. Now I have 2Gb card & next time make it 10 times better just for you :).
Site have also only my knew function, I dont need to promote it.
sorry for bad english.

LOOK AT THE CRACK!!!   27.10.2007
I think that being on the far side of the BID FUCKING SHEAR CRACK is a bad idea!!!! What do you think????   27.10.2007
awesome, how do you get there?
is there some mean of transport, jeep or whatever to get on the top of that peak?

Ian Tester   22.10.2007
I`ve checked out the front page of this site and I still don`t know what it`s about. Just what is "amatorial` supposed to be?

I came to this page using StumpleUpon; presumably someone thought this photo deserved particular mention. As I alluded to in my original comment, having a good subject is only the first step of producing a good photo.

All of the other comments seemed to be saying "wow" based on the *subject* and I have to agree. But I wanted to counter that and offer some constructive criticism of the *photo*. I could have simply made a disposable comment like Earl, but chose to be constructive instead. I meant no harm.

picks   22.10.2007
Thats higher than the rock of Gibraltar

Seba V.   22.10.2007
Dear Ian Tester, that`s a poor life you have there, son!

P.S. - by the way, it`s a place for amatorial pics!

Bigduke   22.10.2007
Would love to be there someday.

Oh and is that "The Norwegian" from flickr? :-D

The Norwegian   22.10.2007
This place is visited by 95000 people during the short summer season.
From the edge you can take a 604 meter dive in to the fjord below (Lysefjorden).
To make the splash less spectacular, wear a parachute.

Andy   21.10.2007
This is supposed to be a commercial/professional photo, taken by a professional?

If so, I agree with Ian Tester. Otherwise, it is commendable but the picture is nothing special, it is the subject that makes the picture.

Earl   21.10.2007
Dear Ian Tester,

Go kill yourself.

Ian Tester   21.10.2007
Poor contrast and saturation, poor detail, too much sensor noise, too much depth-of-field to separate subject from background, perhaps acceptable framing (I`d have used a portrait aspect to accentuate the height).

You obviously had an amazing subject, but using what appears to be a P&S camera does not do it justice.

donald   21.10.2007

Rene   21.10.2007
Breathtaking!!! I just love it....

jacob   19.10.2007
Very nice picture. Looks like a heck of a view. I would like to see some of the fjords sometime

someone in germany   19.10.2007
wow.. so who guarantees me, that this piece of rock wont fall off? looks awesome, but... I do not know if I would go on there.. a bit too scary for me.

roman   19.10.2007

Nick   18.10.2007
micah, go outside, get a life, grow up!

Harald   18.10.2007
basejumping is not unknown here... quite often in fact

esen   18.10.2007
Very nice photo

micah   18.10.2007
that pic is full of queers, and only queers would like that

O_o   18.10.2007
Omgz, I freak out even by looking at that person in the orange t-shirt standing right by the edge looking down. TOO. SCARY.

dtopaz   17.10.2007
i`d love to smoke a joint there,maybe two

Nord 1312   17.10.2007
In Norway, base jumping is illegal.....however, the most "active" base jumping area is in West Norway at Trollveggen, in Andalsnes, Norway.

It is the highest vertical jump in all of Europe.

I`ve been there (actually have a house in Andalsnes, and it`s awesome !

Greg   17.10.2007
Amazing pic! Is that where they do Base Jumping?

Setenay Szer   28.07.2007
very beautiful shot,wonderfull view

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